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13th Conference Table

The Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry: Reaching the Collegiate Community      

The 13th Conference Table will be video webcast live, click here.

What is the culture and climate of today’s collegiate communities? What are the needs (emotionally, mentally and spiritually) of today’s student? How have we as a church responded to this mission field and what are we doing currently to minister to these students? What can we do as a church in the future to reach the collegiate community with the message of Jesus Christ?

These are the issues that will be addressed at the next Conference Table Saturday, Feb 25, 9 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at University Carillon United Methodist Church in Oviedo. 

The day will contain elements of worship, experiencing college life, discussion and several opportunities for resourcing and insight to the ministry and mission of Collegiate Ministry.

As a first step Dr. Steve Moore, former vice-president of Asbury Seminary in Kentucky, will help the participants to identify the cultural context of the collegiate community and what environment shapes the students today. We will then go on to discuss not only the development of Campus Ministry in the Florida Conference, but also it’s current state in our seven Campus Units and two United Methodist Colleges. The final step in the agenda is to walk through two discussions of future opportunities for growth and what the local church can do when it comes to this mission field of the college community. This presentation will be given by Rev. Denny Heiberg of Grace United Methodist Church of Gainesville, as he introduces the participants to the very vibrate college ministry that resides in his church. The information gathered from Conference Table participants will be essential to the future direction of the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry and the ministries and campuses it serves.

The following people are on the task force planning this event: Vance Rains, Steve Hambrick, Anne Burkholder, Debbie Casanzio, Denny Heiberg, Nicole Kiesler, Nathan Kiesler, Dave Sippel, Jay Kowalski, Sherri Lingle, Brian James , Dan Montplaisir and Kelly Moore.

The 13th Conference Table will be video webcast live, click here.

Conference tabel registration is now closed. You can register at the door but lunch can no longer be reserved. .

For more information contact Pam Garrison at or 800-282-8011, extension 148.