Virgin HealthMiles Update

What if someone told you that a thinner, healthier, and longer life was within your grasp? Sound too good to be true? According to a wealth of research, exercise is the silver bullet for a better quality of life. Not only does regular exercise aid in weight loss, it reduces your risk for several chronic diseases and conditions. Finding activities that you enjoy and that become part of your daily routine is the key to a long and healthy life. The list of health benefits is impressive, and the requirements are relatively simple -- just do it. 

Recently the Conference Board of Pension & Health Benefits (CBOPHB) in conjunction with the General Board’s Center for Health began offering the Virgin Pulse physical activity program. This program was selected because it supports a wide range of physical activity and financially rewards participants who meet their health goals.

"HealthMiles" is the program's version of reward points, and you earn them by tracking your daily activity with your Max activity tracker.  HealthMiles translate into rewards like HealthCash.  HealthCash can be redeemed for gift cards to popular national retailers like Target or Best Buy. You can also have the cash deposited directly and securely into your bank account.

All appointed clergy and their spouses are eligible to enroll in Virgin Pulse program.   Membership is only $19.99 and includes:

  • a “GoZone” pedometer to track your daily physical activity,
  •  a personal “LifeZone” website for monitoring your progress,
  • rewards that you can redeem as gift cards for national retailers,
  • (e.g., Target and Best Buy) or deposit right in your bank account,
  • challenges to keep things exciting,
  • an opportunity to compete with other districts or departments within our group,
  • all the health benefits of being physically active and so much more!

 Click here to enroll  Make a small investment in your health and get BIG rewards.  Join the program today!!!



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