Telling Our Stories Week 22

December 12, 2013

Rachael Sumner, First UMC Titusville
“I feel like God has put this call on my life to build relationships with young adults and talk about the issues they are facing in their churches. I have gone to Him many days, not knowing what next step to take. God has shown me clearly that this isn’t about saving The United Methodist Church; it isn’t about self-preservation. We need to be about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ because every person matters to Him and every single soul is worth pursuing.”

Up Next Week on New Year’s Day…

Callie MacLeod, Harvest, Bradenton

The disciple shares her story of new beginnings, the power of John 3:16 in her journey and her baptism. “From that point forward, I have seen the world with new eyes. God welcomed me home and I have tried to respond in faith.  I still have low points, but now I know I am never alone."

Merry Christmas!

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