Financial webinars offered by Discipleship Ministries

Three financial webinars will be presented in the upcoming months offered by Discipleship Ministries. Please share these with your churches, especially with the staff and lay leadership in the financial area. These are generally about an hour and are archived to watch at a future date. Check out the wide assortment of archived webinars already available:

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Financial Tips for Clergy: Take the Bite Out of Income Taxes!
DATE: Monday, February 13, 2017
TIME: 10:00am Central
PRESENTER: Rev. Don Joiner, Certified Financial Planner & Rev. Ken Sloane
Clergy face some unique challenges when it comes to things like social security payments, estimated tax payments, housing allowances or exclusions, and reimbursed expenses. It is important to know the rules, but also the way to minimize the impact of your tax liability. Not every tax preparer understands the unique situation of clergy and finding one who does can save you substantially in money and aggravation. Join us as the Rev. Don Joiner, a certified financial planner, offers tips to clergy who are navigating the preparation of taxes and planning for a sound financial future.
The Church Audit: You Can Do This!
DATE: Thursday, March 9, 2017
TIME: 6:30 pm Central
PRESENTERKen Sloane, Director of Stewardship and Connectional Ministries
Every congregation needs to do a church audit, but it doesn’t have to be a big expense or an insurmountable obstacle. There is a great Local Church Audit Guide, available free for United Methodist churches that will take you through it step by step. Going through the process builds confidence among you financial leaders and projects transparency to your donors. Join us as we explore the tools that can make this process easier than you thought.
Offering Electronic Giving: What Are You Waiting For?
DATE: Thursday, May 11, 2017
TIME: 6:30 pm Central
PRESENTERKen Sloane, Director of Stewardship and Connectional Ministries
Electronic giving is not the future of charitable giving, it is the present reality. If your church is not offering this as an option for those who attend your church, you are missing out on generous giving. If there have been obstacles to making this option available to your church, we will talk about them in this webinar.

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