Lay Servant Ministries


  • An active, supportive member of a United Methodist church

  • Eager to serve through the church
  • Well informed on Scripture, and on the doctrine, heritage, and organization of the United Methodist Church

  • Committed to witnessing through church and community leadership, care-giving ministries, and spoken communication.

  • Willing to improve his/her skills through training.


1) Local Church Lay Servants

Local Church Lay Servants serve in and through their local churches. They must be recommended by their Pastor, and complete the Basic Lay Servant Ministries Course. Each year, they must reapply, reporting on how they have served and on any additional courses they have taken during the year.

2) Certified Lay Servants

Certified Lay Servants serve in both their own churches and other churches, and through district or conference projects and programs. They can expand their outreach and enrich their ministry through various Advanced Lay Servant Courses.

To be recognized as Certified Lay Servant, they must be recommended by their pastor, have completed the Basic Course and one Advanced Course. They must report and reapply annually reporting on how they have served, and must complete at least one Advanced Course every three years.

For further information, contact Lynn Campbell, Conference Director, at 407-520-0272 or

NOTE:  At the Florida Annual Conference 2010 it was voted to change the name to Lay Servant Ministries.  We are still under the same umbrella as Lay Speaking Ministries on the National level.  Our mission and training will be the same. 

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