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June 25, 1999


Joe H. Smith, DS - 6
66 Charges, 86 Churches

  First	Kenneth W. Kleckner III	4
  Mt. Nebo/Greater Liberty 
   Hill	(Willie Sessions) PLP	5
  Paradise	(Jefferson K. Cheek) PS	1
Archer, Banks	(James Brown) R	2
  First	(Vic Brown) RS	2
    Associate	(Molly Brown) RS	2
Arredondo, Wesley Chapel/
 Reddick, Mt. Zion	(John M. Banks) PLP	10
Bronson	Theodore E. Wood PM	4
Brooker, Greater Bell	(Robert Dell) R	4
Cedar Key	(James C. Campbell) RS	2
  First	Kent W. Zimmerman	1
  Mt. Bethel	(Rosa Sessions) PS	5
Citra, First/Sparr	(Charles DeHart) LP	2
  New Hope/Fairfield, Mt. 
   Hermon	(Jacquelyn Doby-Edwards) PS	3
Columbia City, New Mt. 
 Zion	(Pauline Harrison) PS	2
Cross City
  First	TBS	
Ellzey	(Don Bain) R	2
Evinston	(Donald Legler) LP	4
Fort White	(Mark Conforti) PS	2
  Tustenuggee	(Jim Roach) S	2
  Bartley Temple	(Diana Walker) LP	1
  Christ	(Thomas Price) R	1
  Faith	(Larry Mott) PS	2
  First	Douglas R. Kirk	5
  Grace	Dennis C. Heiberg 	6
  Mt. Pleasant	Geraldine W. McClellan	12
  Pleasant Plain	(Milford Lewis Griner) PLP	3
  Southwest	(Brian Wilcox) 337.2	1
  Trinity	Dan G. Johnson	6
    Associate	T. Glenn Mitchell	5
    Associate	(Sandra Martin) 337.1	1
  University	William H. Yeager	10
  Wesley	L. James Thomas	6
Hague	(Johnny L. Arnette) PS	7
Hawthorne, First	Richard Stauffer 	4
Hawthorne, New Hope 	(Eugene Herring) PLP	13
High Springs
  Bethlehem	(Clarence DeSue) PLP	3
    Assistant	(Fatha DeSue) PLP	1
  First	Alan E. Patz	14
  Mt. Carmel	(Byran Williams) PS	1
Keystone Heights	Jamie Westlake	2
Lake Butler	(Ron Wise) PS	3
Lake City:
  Bethel	(William Michael Wright) S	3
  First	D. Douglas Clewis	5
  Huntsville, New Hope	(JoEssa Merricks) PS	3
  Pleasant Grove	(Gerald Williams) R	1
  Trinity	James D. Johnson AM	10
  Wesley Memorial	James Louie Mabrey	8
Lawtey, Grace	(C. Eugene Folsom) S	2
Lowell, Scott Memorial	(Bessie Harrison) PS	6
McIntosh	Will Furlong Jr. PM	2
Melrose	Donald R. Dalton AM	6
Micanopy Circuit:	(Robert Asmuth) S	2
  Micanopy, Shiloh
Micanopy, Paradise	(Shelly Sims) PS	2
Newberry	Kenneth W. Kleckner Jr. AM	10
Old Town	(David White) LP	9
  Pickens Temple	(Marcus Boston) PS	5
Orange Lake, Solomon's 
 Chapel	(Youlonda Godbolt) PS	4
  Debose Chapel/Rochelle, Hall's 
   Chapel	(George Hamilton Jr.) PLP	7
  First	(Harold Henderson) PS	7
Siloam	(Albert F. Donovan) R	7
Spring Hill	(Donald A. Denton) PLP	21
  First	William H. Wolfe	1
  Mt. Moriah	(Gloria Brown) PS	13
  Pleasant Grove	(Carl E.Tyson) PS	1
Suwannee Valley Circuit	(Wes Olin) PS	3
  Huntsville, Wellborn
Trenton	(Henry D. Cribb Sr.) R	4
Waldo, First/Orange Creek, 
 Campville	(Theodore Walter Schweitzer) PS	2
  Free Canaan	(Arthur Counts) PS	3
  Freedom	(Robert Willingham) PS	3
White Springs	(Douglas C. Maloney) RS	3
Williston, Ebenezer	Rosa Sessions	3
Williston, First/Wacahoota	Barry L. Andrews	7
Windsor, Providence/
 Lockloosa	(Janice Suskey) PS	1
Worthington Springs/
 St. Johns	(George Sanford) RS	6

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