Facebook?! Twitter?! Instagram?! We did that 40 years ago

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By Daniela Hernandez | December 2012

It all feels so new, doesn't it?  Facebook. FaceTime. Google+ hangouts. Hashtagging your memories on Twitter and Instagram.
But this holiday season, as you and your enormous collection of Apple gadgets spend all your extra time connecting with distant friends and family over the latest and greatest social media services, it's worth remembering that all this social stuff was a long time coming.

Before Facebook and Facetime and Google+ and Twitter, there was Plato and the Bell Picturephone and the Dynabook and the Xerox LiveBoard. Social media is nothing new. It just has better packaging -- and better marketing.
LiveBoard doesn't ring a bell? You've never heard of Plato? It's time for a little history lesson. Click here for the scoop.

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