Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker

Resident Bishop
Florida Annual Conference of
The United Methodist Church

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Terri Shiavo: Killing or Letting Die or Letting Live?

Speech to the UM Network of Congregational Developers, San Antonio, Texas, February 24, 2005

DO NO HARM - message that Bishop Whitaker delivered at a LifeWatch gathering at the Methodist Building in Washington, D.C.

Council of Bishops Resolution on the War in Iraq

Easter Greetings from Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker

Bishop Whitaker's statement on the Dammann verdict

The Council of Bishops' Statement on the church's position on homosexual pastors - March 25, 2004

Regional Meetings to Interpret Restructuring Proposals/Eighth Conference Table - April 2, 2004

Expecting a Great General Conference - January 21, 2004

Bishop Whitaker leads dialogue on security concerns - UMNS News, Nov. 5. 03

The Assurance of Salvation - posted 7/21/03

A Present Salvation - posted 7/22/03

A Sacramental Piety - posted 7/24/03

John Wesley in the 21st Century: A Conversation with Will Willimon - posted 7/25/03

2003 Annual Conference offering for Angola letter from Bishop Whitaker

Text of message by Bishop Whitaker at peace rally in Sarasota Feb. 15, 2003.

Beautiful Belief - Text of Message Delivered for the Sherman Advisory Board at the Sherman Scholars Dinner, October 29, 2002.

Statement From Florida Conference Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker
On War With Iraq.
posted Sept. 15, 2002

Declaration of the Florida Council of Churches Regarding Iraq.pdf

Bishop Whitaker's response to a speech by Bishop Sprague

Here are several documents from Florida Conference Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker. They include his response to the Council of Bishops regarding a speech made at Iliff School of Theology on June 25, 2002 by Bishop Joseph Sprague of the Chicago Episcopal Area. 

Letter to the Clergy.pdf

Letter to the Bishops.pdf

Response to Bishop Sprague.pdf

A full transcript of Bishop Sprague's speech is available here.

Bishop Whitaker's Biography

News Stories - Bishop Whitaker's election 

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