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The Rev. Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia

Pastor, Allendale United Methodist Church, St. Petersburg, FL

Courageous Leadership


Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels, lead pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, recently turned 50. For those of you who associate Hybels with a hard-driving, superman-type corporate style, this book will come as a surprise. Hybelís vulnerability and honesty saturate the pages. His writing style is clear and conversational. It is evident that Hybelís desire is for other church leaders to learn from his mistakes and to be encouraged by Godís grace and support in their unique settings. For those of us seeking sustainable, faithful, and visionary ministry, this book provides both affirmation and ideas for practical application.

Chapter titles:

The Stakes of Leadership
The Leaderís Most Potent Weapon - The power of vision
Getting-It-Done Leadership - turning vision into action
Building a Kingdom Dream Team - communities close to a leaderís heart

*The staffing and lay leadership selection discussion is especially helpful.

* Also includes team building exercises.

The Resource Challenge - The test of a leaderís mettle (money issues)

Developing Emerging Leaders - when leaders are at their best (mentoring)

Discovering and Developing Your Own Leadership Style

The Leaderís Sixth Sense - the sources of decision making

*Importance of clarifying Bedrock Beliefs which inform your decision making

*Excellent discussions concerning accountability and risk taking

The Art of Self-Leadership - the 360-degree leader

*Includes ten self-examination questions leaders need to ask themselves regularly

A Leaderís Prayer - "God, Mold and Shape Me to My Full Leadership Potential"

*Outlines and prayers for the main leadership strength of ten Biblical leaders

The Leaderís Pathway - a vital walk with God

Developing an Enduing Spirit - staying the course

*This chapter brought tears to my eyes. How many times have we wondered if we can/should continue in ministry? He gives powerful examples of persons who have both failed and thrived over the long haul, plus Hybelís insights into Godly perseverance.  

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